We each have an idea of how we want to live our lives, but only a small percentage actually get to do just that. From the moment we wake up till we get back into bed, we become faced with situations and challenges, which, Foreseen or otherwise need our attention and take away from our focus, so that daily living may become much more than a struggle. Struggling to keep up with all that we need to do and be. The big question is, how many of us really truly live Life as we want?

True living is being & doing things as they can benefit & make us happy. This can be achieved. Once we stop struggling and make the effort to revamp our lifestyles.



An unfulfilled lifestyle is a recipe for depression and much more. But why live this way when living can be as simple as you make it.

This is the essence of “Revamping You”. This is an inspirational blog with the intent to create the right awareness to enable readers evaluate their living and make the necessary changes that should enable them live exactly as they desire.

This is the aim of this blog. I want to share experiences about stuffs we go through, feelings & emotions, dreams & hopes, desperations & frustrations, and above all achievements. The vision is to influence to create a better state of mind in all things important and mundane.

Living is as simple as we can make it be.