About Scribble n Images


Scribbles ‘N’ Images was founded for the simple love of expression and creativity. Bottom line, what to do with an idea when it comes with the rush. This is the most fun part, when the mind embraces, digests, and expands an idea, very quickly compartmentalising and developing it for the clear picture. It is like creating an idea tree.  I love it.

Scribbles’ connotes writing…A pen and a notepad with as many pages as the mind stays connected.

‘Images’ is all about Entertainment, Production, People & ambience. A mind has a vivid picture, recreating this image is a thrill. Sometimes the creation requires a challenge, other times, it’s a breeze. However the picture is achieved, the end result and product gives a satisfaction that only lasts till the very next idea begins to buzz.






  • Books
  • Business plans
  • Company Reports
  • Website Info
  • Speeches
  • SCRIPTS… Movies, Series, Games, Talk & Reality shows for T.V, Radio and stage



We create & develop concepts to suit Events, Brands, NGOS and Lifestyles. We have the capacity to be part of production cast as presenters, judges and character roles.



We edit manuscripts, content and other written materials for publication. 



The blog ‘Revamp your body’ shares inspirational tips about fitness and wellness. The focus is how to achieve and maintain a desired body through eating in the right ways, and by working out without indulging in severe dieting or starvation, which although might work for a short while, is on the long run dangerous.

With careful planning, dedication and focus, it is easy to eat in the right ways that will supply the required nutrients to keep the body strong and healthy. Working out daily or regularly will further enhance body strength and lean muscles.



‘Kids say ‘NO’ to cigarette smoke initiative’


‘Kids say ‘NO’ to cigarette smoke initiative’

This project has been especially created to drive awareness to the ills and dangers of cigarette smoke exposure as it affects the health and social lifestyle of children and the youths.

Children and youths are continuously being exposed daily to cigarette smoke at home, cars, schools and other environments where they should be safe. A lot of these children have very little or no clue about how cigarettes smoke affects their health and lifestyle.

As victims they are most likely to suffer very serious health conditions, most of which are life threatening. They are also most likely to become smokers.