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Playing Catch Up

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Didn’t work out this morning, but then I have a busy Friday night ahead. So, I’m going to start loading up on energy with my first meal of the day, an exciting combo of moi moi and pap for required protein and carbs to get me through the preparatory phase. Here we go again, TGIF!!

Only When I Need Food

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Although I have had two mugs of tea, this is my first meal of the day, because I love to eat only when I need to, but never waiting till I am too hungry. It’s the only way I can really dig into and enjoy my meals. This means I don’t have to obsess about how many meals I should eat during the day, or follow the rules about what meals fit what hours of the day. I eat what I want. Like this  breakfast meal at 3:20pm

My slice of brown bread is heavily layered with avocado, tomatoes, onion and boiled eggs. Hmm!!!

Plan Ahead day

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I know Sundays are supposed to be rests days, but they are my plan ahead days. When I take a few hours to shop and prepare ahead for most of what I will be eating during the week, the following days are mostly stress free.

A much deserved lunch is welcome after I am done.

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