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One Of My Healthy Recipes

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I want to share one of my favourite healthy shawarma-imitating recipes.
Add about 1 teaspoon of olive oil into pan. Throw in diced onions, shredded chicken and black pepper then stir fry for a minute. (You can alternate with fish or sausages) Add spices for taste.
Meanwhile, get all fresh veggies washed and ready. Cut according to desired size and length.
Spread Shawarma bread on plate, lay lettuce close to the edge then scoop stir fried content on. Arrange carrots, green pepper and sliced onions on. (Tomatoes and cucumber will work too.)
If desired, top with olive oil, or some of you own healthy cream.
But then, you can do without cream, because the stir fry should be tasty enough.
Roll bread up, and viola!
It’s simple.


Accompany Small Meals With Elaborate Garnishing

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Garnishings make meals more appealing and inviting, but the fact is, they can be very useful as fillers for small meals, especially with meals served at home. I often get very generous with garnishing, slicing up or shredding heaps of tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, cabbage or carrots than usual, thereby using that as support for my small meals.

I do the same outside the home when I can, disregarding anyone who tries to lecture about the proper quantity or slices required for garnishing. He or she is always thrilled, and most importantly, learn, when I explained the need for so much.
Go on, think outside the box as you try to get used to eating small meals, especially when you are in charge of what ends up in your plate. Living is as beneficial as you can make it.

After Workout Meal

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My regular early morning walk or run could go on for an hour, or just a bit more.
But when I work out outside my immediate environment, like a gym or the stadium, I tend to work out for far longer, because there are several enticing activities I want to try. Either case scenario is energy sapping.

Afterwards, I want to eat a meal within the hour from when  finish. This is usually the time it takes me to get back home, shower, and rustle a healthy light meal, like I am enjoying now. Wheat bread, healthy filling grains to keep me full for longer, one boiled egg and baked beans for fortified energy. My choice of beverage this morning, although coffee, has the enhancing ganoderma lucidum.
Have an energy filled day.

Advantages Of An Early Dinner

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I like to be done with dinner before, or by 7pm.
My protein based dinner of moimoi and barbecued chicken will energised me for the rest of the night.
I am looking forward to an adrenaline charged EUFA game, do one more chapter of editing, then plan my to-do for tomorrow.
Another huge advantage of eating an early dinner, there is way enough time for the meal to digest.
keping the meal light will further ensures it gets broken down quickly, so, my stomach does not bulge from unecessary storage.
Have an energy filled night.
Love Rules.

Pancakes For Breakfast

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I don’t count calories. Maybe someday I’ll feel the need to, but for now, I guess I haven’t got the patience and temperament to bother. So, I accomodate some dough for required carbs…like my breakfast this morning.
I love pancakes too much to be scared of the fact that it shouldn’t be a healthy first choice meal, especially when I get paranoid about my weight. But then I work out regularly, and often eat right. That gives me the audacity to enjoy a meal of pancakes once in a week if I want to.
The good news is, I need not use white flour. There are several alternative choices of wheat, grain or oat, some ready to be used off the shelves, for tasty pancakes that’ll satisfy and still help revamp or maintain a desired body.
As for accompaniment, I always pass on the syrup. A protein rich stir fry or sauce adds more benefit and fun.
Eat what you love, even as you work to be healthy and look great

In The Mood For A Heavy Lunch

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I burnt way too much energy working out this morning and didnt get the chance to eat a wholesome breakfast. Now, I feel the need for a turbo reload, a big meal.

For me, lunch time is most perfect to indulge in a big meal. There are several actives ahead to ensure that I successfully burn the extra mouthfuls.But haven said that I would try to keep the meal as healthy as possible, like this meal of boiled potatoes, fish sauce and salad. The dressing is by choice…indulgence!


If you end up eating a huge meal, either accidentally, or by choice, be sure to get busy aftwards. If your chores does not accommodate for energy burning activities, cultivate some. A huge meal means more work. This is one of the biggest reasons why I mostly eat light.

So, I’ll dig in now, but still using a side plate, as a check. Bon appetit!!!


Early Lunch To Refuel

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Just finishing my second meal of the day, an early protein filled lunch of brown beans and shrimps to help refuel the energy I have burnt so far.
Lunch to me is as important as the breakfast that helps me kick start my day. Truth is breakfast can only sustain anyone for a few hours, after which a snack or lunch is required to enable one keep going.


This lunch will ensure I have the energy level to achieve the rest of my to-dos before close of work. There are still so many hours ahead, and so much more to be done. A  banana, another glass of water and I’ll be good to go back to work.

Using Water As A Filler

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The intention of eating, besides staying alive and healthy, is to fill an empty stomach.
It is easier to eat small meals to loose weight for a desired body size, or maintain one, by using water as a filler.

For best result, drink a glass of water before starting on the meal.
If you can, keep drinking as you eat.
If still hungry after eating the small portion served, just drink some more water to keep you full till the next light meal.

Tips To Eat Light…Never Go For A Second Helping

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Eating small portion takes some getting used to.
That makes sense, because, the stomach is already used to being fed a certain amount of food over the years. It needs time to get used to smaller portions. You will have to help things along by making a conscious effort to maintain this change, starting with the quantity of food you dish out.

Remember, use a side plate.
Be reasonable, don’t try to starve you, and, don’t try to cheat on your diet plans. And most importantly, don’t go back for a second helping should you still be hungry. I’ll be telling you some trick tips to help make you feel full.

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