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Never Work Out On An Empty Stomach

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I rushed out of the house this Morning with no time to eat breakfast, or a cup of coffee.
Before long, an intensive circuit workout was turning into a nightmare, more so because I didn’t have dinner last night. Lunch was heavier than usual.
I was soon feeling light headed, and loosing concentration and focus. That sucked!
Had to stop for a much needed fuel for energy. Some fruit salad took care of that.
Next time I’ll grab me some take along, even a few apples to keep my energy level up.


Use A Side Plate For Portion Control

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The best way to eat light is by controlling portions.
This is very easy to achieve by using a side plate.
Dealing with a regular size plate can be too much to handle. The tendency is to fill up the space when dishing out, or eat up the huge portion served. Either would see one eating way too much than required.

A side plate, on the other hand, is smaller and has just enough space for a light meal.
I always use a side plate at home. But, when faced with a huge meal, I simply reach for a side plate, take out what I know is appropraite, like I have done in the picture, and let the rest be.


The body does not need too much food. What we need is a small portion of meal to fill us till the body requires another small meal.


Eat Light To Loose Weight

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Rather than indulge in severe diet, or starve, for a desired body, I simply eat smart by eating light. It helps me eat absolutely every food item, and, as many meals as needed during the day to keep up my energy level, without fear of fat, or calories.

The big questions is, ”when faced with a huge meal like you have here in the picture above, what do you do?


You have an option to eaither eat up the content, or be smart and do the right thing. The choice is easy to make when you realise and accept that the best way to eat light is by controlling portions.

I’ll show you how in the next posts.

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How Many Meals A Day?

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Since working out daily, I find me needing to eat more meals than I was used to during the day. I work hard, so, I need a meal to replenish my energy level about three or four hours after breakfast.

Lunch is a must, but because I am often up and about so much, I may begin to crave for a snack shortly afterwards. This keeps me going till dinner. And, depending on when I eventually go to bed, or how active the rest of the night is, I may require another meal.

Now, it isn’t how many meals I eat, but that I eat in ways that benefits my body, health and lifestyle. And one of the most important ways to eat right is to start by eating light.

This is so easy, or really not. But the habit can be acquired. As I have.


An energy Filled Breakfast

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A new day brings with it the promises of new opportunities, a chance to upgrade old ideas, or engage in the new. These are the reasons we get up every morning, get dressed, and face whatever comes along. It helps a great deal if we start with the most impotant meal of the day, breakfast.

Beakfast helps me make the most of the early hours, when I am still well rested and fresh of mind. Ahough a fantastic work out has me already revved up, coffee and a slice or two of french toast will provide even more energy needed to get me through the next busy hours.
Remember, make healthy alternative choices. Wheat for white flour, and, no oil, but if you must, settle for olive oil.

Don’t forget, keep your eyes on your short term goal(s) as you count down to Valentine’s day.
Good morning. Have an energy filled day!!!

Eat to build up your body

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The human body is a machine. Just going about our daily living is hard enough. The body will break down from stress, illness, hard work, not eating enough, or from lack of eating a balanced diet. It’s harder still if one adds working out regularly. A daily maintenance from high energy nutrients from such food items like meat, beans, chicken, cheese, fish, liver, corned beef, will enable the body function as it should, and also to replace what is lost.

As I take my work out to another level, I realise I must eat more than I have always done. Before, I would have settled for a plate of eggs and a mug of beverage. Now I need more than that to help build up my muscles. So, this morning, after some seriouse jogging, I am accompanying my eggs with a slice of bread. I could eat more than that, but the eggs already is loaded. It contains some veggies, tuna and cheese.


I don’t know about what size of meal you are used to, so, don’t go thinking what works for me, this particular morning, will, or should work for you. There are all the options of food items listed above to choose from. A few of them will combine nicely to create what meal you want, and the right size.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I will tell you more about how that prepares me for the day on the next post in this category.
Alright then, go grab some breakfast. Will get on with mine for all the energy I need for this morning.
Enjoy the rest of the day, guys.


Your Body Needs Food

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A lot of folks try to loose body fat by starving and severe dieting.
This is not the answer.

Starving and dieting severely for long periods of time robs the body of the valuable benefits it should enjoy from food. It would be getting only a fraction of the nutrients needed to function to its full capacity. Although both situations will cause weight lose, there are consequences of malnutrition and lack of energy.

It is very difficult to maintain this manner of weight control. Sooner or later one is forced to go back to old eating habits, and most likely regain lost weight. In many cases, this becomes a pattern, and the continuous flunctuation in weight could cause the body to eventually breakdown.

To revamp your body, you need to eat. Food provides the essential nutrients required to operate, especially as you must work out to further help get into better shape. Rather than be weary of food, simply learn about different classes of food items such as protein, cabonhydrates,  minerals, fats and oils, as well as what nutrients they can provide to enable you achieve your goal.

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