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The Pleasure To Overindulge

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We tend to overindulge sometimes. I did more than my fair share this Sallah holiday. Today I’ll wallow in that, come tomorrow, it’ll be time to go back to sweating away all that food, beef and sweets.

Be inspired, know when to take your moments. I enjoyed mine!

A Run, Oatmeal And Sunshine!!!

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I am taking Monday morning head on, with a quick run, a bowl of oatmeal meal for filling fibre and energy.
And a few minutes outside to view and soak in the early sunshine.
That is a great way to start the day.
I am looking forward to the next hours. Wishing you all an awesome day ahead.
Thanks for all the Love,  support and comments. Keep them coming.
Very much appreciated.

Revamping The Body Is Like A Journey

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From my mail box
Funke wants to know…’How long does it take to revamp a body? ‘
Revamping a body is like a journey. You have to start from somewhere. The basic rules are simple,  but it takes dedication, will and hard work.
First, make the decision.
Know your current weight
Know how much pounds you want to loose.
Have a plan. Don’t be in a hurry to loose in one month what you gained in years. Work to loose at least two pounds in a week.
Use notable dates as an opportunity to set achievable goals to inspire you.
Make, and stick to the plans…How to eat right, workout and make necessary lifestyle changes
Be dedicated, no matter how much you don’t want to…no guts no glory.
To ease things off, have an off day, when you eat the things you crave (be smart about this), and, to rest your body.
Finally, stay connected to my blog. Let me inspire you, as I inspire me.
Good luck!

Loose Weight Pact Out

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These past 12 days, I have worked hard to make a difference in another’s life.
Truth is, one can only encourage and push, but at the end of the day each person will do what they must.
The loose 10 pounds pact was to help someone realise she could loose 2 pounds every week, even as she works for her desired body.
We each want and desire, but we must match that with a will to achieve. That is a personal choice.
Revamping a body is a journey, one has to keep taking the steps.
As I keep encouraging my friend, I look forward to loosing the remaining 8 pounds gained for the pact.


Malnutrition Facts

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I am posting a few facts about malnutrition and body weight, in answer to one of the questions in my mail box…Kate was wondering, could she, at 400 pounds, suffer from malnutrition?
The answer is yes.
1. You will definitely suffer malnutrition if you are starving to lose weight. You are not eating, so where will the nutrients come from?
2. If you are on a diet, and don’t make provisions to include the right nutrients in your diet plan, you could become malnourished.
3. And, yes, you could weight 400 pounds and still suffer from malnutrition. At 400 pounds you’ ll most likely be eating a lot to meet up your body’s demand for food. If you have no consideration for a balanced diet and your meals lack the required nutrients, you’ll eventually become malnourished. The condition will worsen if you continue to gain weight.

Work out daily, and be smart about making healthy choices. Your best bet is to eat right and healthy. Although you need carbs, ensure that you eat more of protein based meals.


Each Day Has It’s Rhythm

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After a busy weekend, and especially tedious Sunday night, I woke up this morning, with huge bags under my eyes, and only 15 minutes to leave home. 
It’s 5 hours later, and I still feel groggy. It’s like time have stood still. But, only because I didn’t have the chance to work out, or enjoy a mug of beverage, and, largely because I have been mostly stationary in Andie’s office while we wait to head for an exhibition.

I have had cheese balls, and way too many pieces of low salt soda crackers for breakfast, I guess because I am bored, and still have the craving for tea. There is light now, so, I can have some hot sweet tea to finally wake up my senses. I will try not to think of how different my day would have been had I the luxury of my regular morning routine as I wait.
It’s just past noon, I still have time to make the most of this day as soon as my brain ia functional.

Keeping My Metabolism Going

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I always find reasons to keep my metabolism going for most of the day.
Like this quick run up and down the staircase, even as I go about my day.
The rush keeps my energy level up, and helps me stay focused.
The big deal is, you don’t need a reason, just do it. Every other hour, get up and do something to help you burn some calories.

Watching Out For Other’s Influnce

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Living with others, or hanging out with colleques and friends while working at revamping or maintain a body can be tricky. It’s not every time one can say ‘NO’, or act wisely.
With three budding chefs who are always on the look out for new recipes on the food network, I get to face temptation often. Like this plate of offering from my second daughter, Xtine.


This is one variant of her own version of french toast with heavy stuffings. I was too scared to ask what she had going in there. To keep my goals, and still please everyone, I play smart. If it is not the healthy meal I should be eating at that time, and can’t decline, I only eat a reasonable portion.

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