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Happy Valentine

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It’s all about love.
Far too often people give far too much importance to love as it concerns others.
But the truth is, we each have to be tuned in to loving self.
When we love, really love ourselves, it becomes extremely easy to extend that love to others, regardless of everything.
I love me, with all My shortomingss, far too much for words to describe.
If I I top that by living healthy and fit.
Then, I can extend even more love to everyone within my living as I should love them.

Trying To Regain Consistency For My Short Term Goal

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Nothing beats being consistent. I had a set of plans to enable me achieve a short term goal for Valentine’s day. The plan didn’t take me off from the same old activities, eat right and work out, except to do both with more purpose, and with a faster pace that is more urgent than before.

Most importantly, I needed to be consistent to gain the most benefit. I could not afford to stop working out, or be sidelined from my diet plan, because, skipping even a day could set me back. I didnt want that, yet things happen, especially things beyond our control, like 5 days of a nasty flu.

Valentine is just 2 days from today, and although I just resumed working out only 3 days ago, I am still hopeful to achieve my short term goal for how I intend to look on Sunday night. My body aches because I am doing more, but my eyes are set on the picture on my mind.

Inspiration For My Short Term Goal

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One needs inspiration to see a short term goal through.
For my recent goal, I’ll take inspiration in planning for my outfit ahead for success.

Although Valentine is 15 days away, I have to start thinking about possible look choices that will inspire and push me to achieve my goal. And since the focus is my leg area and core, my outfit must be one that will outline these spots.
A short dress that grips around the middle would do nicely, but that would also be too anticipatory. So, I am thinking, a mini skirt, or a pair of shorts to go with a nice top.

I might just flow with the shorts. I haven’t had the audacity to wear one in years, and, right now, I feel audacious. I guess that’s what having 15 Days to make a difference does.
Hmm. An outfit, a little detail for such a huge inspiration!!!
Find yours! Whatever will make achieving your goal easy!!

Revamping with A Short Term Goal

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Working to achieve and maintain a desired body is a long term goal, it can be hard to remain focused. I keep dedicated by setting several short term goals as I keep my eyes on the big picture.

Today, I start another short term goal.
Valentine is round the corner, I want to take advantage of the huge drama that goes with the day to improve on my legs. I want to achieve firm tighter muscles, especially around my thigh area, which still enjoys a fat spread. I want to turn that fat to muscles, for a visibly more appealing legs, even in skinny jeans.

Create your very own short term goal today. Give revamping your body a boost by deciding what you want to achieve, then stay with me for the next few weeks as I motivate myself, and you.
You have exactly 21 days, plenty of time to loose a few pounds.

Peace talks, why she works out.

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I work out for so many reasons. For healthy living.
I work out for pleasure, I love the very early morning dew as I go around my environment at about 5.00 am for an hour, breathing the fresh early morning breeze.
I do my one hour 5 days a week!

My goal is to keep fit, if in the process I loose some kilograms, that would be great.
I am glad, because I am getting better. But, I must say, I have not yet attained the level I desire.
I definitely want to do more, maybe join a nearby gym with flexibility that fits my work out schedule.

Working out has really helped to reduce pains in my body and bones.
Before I started Working Out, I use to wake up with serious pain all over my body especially under my feet. After thorough medical examination with nothing found, my doctor advised that I start engaging in exercises. Now I wake up looking forward to a pain free day and loving it! Thanks to Working Out😂!!!!!!!!!!

My Workout Goal

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My goal is simple. I want a body that works for me.
I want to be able to think on my feet, to be sharp and quick, and fluid in my motions.  I want a body filled with energy and strength.  A healthy strong body that will enable me go for as long as my daily doings requires, and, for as long as needed to perform to maximum capacity without fear of fatigue.

I want to build and maintain a body that looks nice and feels right. A body that boosts style, confidence and poise. I want this body to represent my personal style of choice, regardless of the length of my outfits, and how they hug my body without fear of bulge or fat spread.
Bottom line, I want to be strong and healthy to enable me live as I should, and look dope doing so.

What is your goal (s)?
Knowing will help you achieve your desired body target. You’ll be able to achieve that by setting little short term goals.


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I had been way too busy to do any serious work out for the past 6 days. Although most of my to-dos included loads of physical activities that kept my body moving, still, not good enough. I missed that refreshing feeling of ‘bring-it-on’ that comes with a work out session. I feel that this morning.
Besides that, I feel like I lost some focus. I could have gained momentum and set the pace for some strength routine that will enable me graduate to the high intensity work outs needed to achieve my goal.

So, at the moment, I am back to the bacis. I walked again this morning, but just before I headed home, I felt the urge to do more, so I jogged the rest of the way. That was my body letting me know it is ready to take on more. That was so cool. I went into the shower feeling like I am getting somewhere.
I could set out to run tomorrow morning, but there is no rush. I’ll stick with jogging for a few days. It’s like running a 400 meters. The runner will burn out if they start with a sprint.

I don’t know what your schedule is like, and what you are setting out to achieve  but no matter what you have to deal with, consistency is the key word. Just try to keep at it. The day is even better if you can say to it, “bring it on!”
For me, it’s a lovely day already.

Mirror, mirror on the wall!!!

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What do you see, when you stand before the mirror in your birthday suit?

I know what I see in my mine.

I see a lavish spread of fat around my thighs and hips, and the fat rings around my arms that grow wider each day. I also see the bulge that has swallowed up my waistline. It’s so huge it could support a truck. I could suck in air and pretend my stomach is flatter than it really is, but then I only have to eat, or drink something, no matter how little, and the bulge is once again back in my face, bigger and rounder, so that others around me would have to be blind not to see it.

I bet you do that too. But the fact remains that we cannot fool ourselves, especially like right now, when it is just us and the mirror. And, you know, the mirror never lies. If you are honest, you’ll see you exactly as you are.

Because I appear slim, people are usually shocked when I talk about my body fat, but then fat concentration in the body is not always about size, but density. That is how it starts. Unchecked fat would gladly amass then spread through the body till one goes from a size 8 to a size 16.

Go ahead and take stock. How much body fat have you really gained? Don’t speculating. For a successful revamp, you need to be accurate. Step on a scale, use a measuring tape, whatever works for you. When you are done, take one full picture, and several more of your trouble spots. It is often the same old areas, belly, arms, thighs, and butts. Print some of the pictures, and find a good spot to display them. They’ll make a great collection of ‘before’ pictures to compare with as you begin to achieve your goal.

Beginning, that is the hardest part.

The initial thoughts are usually, ‘where do I start from’, and ‘how do I go about it’. I have had a lot of people ask me those important questions as they consider the prospects of revamping their bodies. I always give them the same simple answer, start by eating right. They often don’t want to hear that, but then, food is so very vital. We’ll talk about that in my next post. Look out for the ‘Eat right’ Category.

Enjoy a great day, guys.


I’ll gladly post your ‘now-picture(s)’ if you want me to. Remember, the biggest advantage of this blog is to share experiences.


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