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Why Your Body May Need A Revamp

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I have always been slim, except of course when I let myself go, which was never a problem, because I could always get back into my original shape in only a few days. That was until the mid 40s caught up with me.

Although I didn’t understand it then, my body was going through some natural changes as should happen at that age. Bottom line, my level of hormones was dropping, and my body was storing up food as fat instead of burning it off as energy. I was gaining weight faster than ever, and it was harder to get rid of the extra fat. Or so I thought.

Lately, as I get closer to being 50, I realize that my fire brigade approach to whipping my body back to shape is no longer working. Most of the fat have found a way to stay put, and has become a huge problem, affecting me both mentally and physically.

I have to carry the extra pounds around with me. This slows me down. I feel worn out and tired as I go about my day, and, I have not been as mentally alert and sharp as I should be. It is becoming more difficult to function at my best.

It can also be hard to get up and go sometimes, especially when getting dressed is a bit too much to handle. It’s not fun when I have to squeeze into some of my clothes, neither am I comfortable enough to dare a pair of shorts or cute miniskirt as I used to. That sucks!

The truth is, my body seems to have taken control of my living, and, I am tired and sick of living that way. It is time to take back control. Enough of the usual lazy and quick fix-it routines, it is time to revamp my body, and most importantly, maintain it.

That is my story. What is yours?

You have to deal with that before you can move to the next stage…eyeball your present body in the mirror.




Why We Need Change

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Sometimes we become unhappy about certain aspects of our living. Deep down inside, we know that if we did things differently, or, if we made certain changes our living would be more fulfilled.

We want this, but we often don’t get it, because change can be hard. So, each day we think about the issues we face daily as they affect us. These issues are never far away from our minds. The truth is, if they were not important, or relevant to how much more fulfilling our existence would be, we would forget about them. This is why we must strive to make the necessary changes.

I did say that change can be hard, but it is possible. As a matter of fact, change becomes easy if we take the time to reflect on the things we want to change and focus on the results as they would be. The question you should be asking at this point is, “What are those things about my living that I would love to change?”  The answer will not be the same for everyone, still, we all must have similar items on our individual lists, especially as it concerns our bodies and health, the two major topics to be discussed on my blog.

Your body is the vessel that controls and propels your being. It takes you everywhere. It enables you perform every activity required for your livelihood and lifestyle, and it presents the platform for your look. But the truth is, not everyone is happy with their bodies.

Except for our natural height and body shape, a lot of our misgivings are mostly reactions to how we have let ourselves go. The average person lives their lives, mostly unaware of the consequences of their decisions and actions as they affect their bodies until it is too late. Simply put, we are the reasons for the result of our present bodies.

Now, we can choose to live in these bodies, unhappy, wishing, hoping, and doing more damage as we continue to make and take the same decisions and actions, or get up and make the necessary changes to revamp for a body that allows us express living as we really want to.

If, like me, your time to make the later choice is now, be a part of my blog. It promises loads of easy tips about the three most important things you need to get the body you have always wanted, eat right, work out, and loads of inspiration.

The fun starts with the next post.

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