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Belly Fat

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Holding one’s breath in order to make the belly area appear flatter than it is works, but only for about a few seconds at a time. But then how long can anyone carry on before discomfort and dizziness sets in. That can create havoc during a great outing.
It’s best to work at the belly fat and breath easy in every outfit of choice when in public. Crunches, crunches, crunches all the way.

Our Community Workout Group

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There were 3 of us yesterday, today, we were 9, although 2 didn’t wait to finish. I know next week will only get better, when we would have reached more people with similar health and fitness goals.

Good workout, guys! Tomorrow is another day.

Work Out Buddies

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I see these guys, Ifeanyi and Bunmi,  every other morning, each doing their routines as serves their fitness and health purpose.We live within the same community, and I look forward to when we, and several more people, can begin working out within a support system.

We’re working on that…A support group.

Day Ten Goal Accomplished

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Yeah me!!!!!

My ten day goal is accomplished. Did I do good?

Yes! Although, I could have done more. Still, I achieved some result. My body is in a better place than it was ten days ago. I will enjoy the party, maybe indulge a little then start another short term goal tomorrow. There is a wedding to attend in five days, and I have a little black dress in mind. 

Day Nine Resting My Muscles

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Four hours in Lgos Island market, and over two hours in the traffic getting back home took its toil. Add that to eight days of workout. Little wonder my muscles ache this morning. So, I’m just going to chill with a mug of tea, catch up with some new on CNN then slide nice and easy into the rest of my day.

I’ll resume working out tomorrow. As for eating right, that never stops…but only when I am ready.

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