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… Working out within your immediate environment

Lawn Tennis…Seeking A New Kind Of Intensity

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I wanted to do something different today, but with enough intensity to help me recover from three weeks of bread cravings, so, I joined my girls on the lawn tennis court. I simply played for the purpose of running all over the court, which was great for burning loads of calories, and for my heart rate, but I may have caught the game bug. It also took me back all those years ago when I use to pick the balls when my dad played.
Looking forward to the next game


A Slow Workout Day

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I woke up feeling slow and too tired this morning. No matter how much I tried to, I couldn’t get myself to leave home. That was 4 hours ago, and although I had resumed at my work table, I lacked the energy a work out gives my day. So, I rolled out the mat and started by meditating. 20 minutes of controlled breathing later, and I was good to go.

I guess after weeks of working out so hard my body was trying to tell me to slow down. I listened. This time I went with routines that enable me hold still. I stretched out on the mat into a push position, lowered my body to just an inch above the mat, and just stayed that way counting to a deliberately slow 60 before pushing back up. I took a 30 seconds rest in between 20 repeats before going into steady 20 repeats of plank jack.

Run, Yinka, Run

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I’m on a fast track right now to enable me get into the groove of my new short term goal. Although the main focus is my thighs, loosing a few pounds around the belly will make even more sense. So, from now on, it’s serious business, I am going strictly high intensity.

Starting from yesterday, I have been doing short busts of Usien Bolt in between walking. It was awesome. I started with a brisk 2 minutes walk to get me going, trotted fast for a minute to tighten my thigh muscles, jogged for 1 minute, before doing a 100 meters dash. After that, I maintained a rhythm of 7 repeats of 30 seconds brisk walk, 60 seconds trot, a fast 60 seconds jog, then a 100 meters dash.

I continued with the same routine this morning. I was so high on energy I didn’t have to do any floor routine when I got back home. A cold shower and breakfast, and I was ready to roll.

Can’t handle the rain this morning

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It’s raining cats and dogs this morning, way too heavy for my water resistant gear. Still I want to keep up with my work out programme, so, I’m working out right inside my home for today, with very little else but my limited space to work with. This might be a bit of challenge for anyone doing this for the first time, but I have a hang of it, and, believe me, it took some getting used to.

There are exactly 20 steps from my kitchen wall to the front door downstairs. When I start from that wall, either walking, or trotting, I know I have exactly 19 steps before I have to turn back. I just keep going back and forth between those 20 steps. The gap is quickly covered when I jog or run.
Sounds tedious?
Not at all.

I keep the momentum by counting my steps. This keeps my mind on the task at hand. It also helps take my mind off the fact that I am in a constrained environment. 19 steps eventually adds up to 1000, and as many more as it takes. Besides counting, I also set the time. If it takes me about 45 minutes to cover anyone of my routes, I can walk that many minutes within my limited space. If I feel the need for it, I finish off with jogging on the spot, right in front of my mirror, using the dumb bells, or I could jump rope. It’s all about taking advantage of what I have at my disposal.

Don’t let the weather stop your flow. Keep your eyes on the goal, be focused.  Even a 3 step space will make a world of difference.
Have an energy filled day, guys. Happy Friday.


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For the past four days, I have taken it easy with the jogging. Unlike walking, it takes a bit more effort and energy, since the pace is slightly faster.
I guess jogging gives the opportunity to do more without necessarilly doing too much too soon. I could tell tbat it was helping me get my groove back, but, I was not going to pretend that I could just embrace the routine and get on with it, simply because I had not jogged for so long.
I had problems keeping up. I found me having to start nice and easy, with a walk, to help build up to the routine. And even then, It was still hard going. I kept needing to walk in between jogs to catch my breath.

It was different this morning!!!
I was able to maintain a steady pace, and to go for as long as I wanted. It is easier now. And, it will get even easier.

I feel great awesome! My heart is pumping faster than when I started working out weeks ago. It’s impossible to work up this much energy and sweat from just walking. It feels great to experience so much energy. To help burn off some more, I do some stationary jogging, holding my dumb bells. It’s easy, just find the right space and jog on the spot for as long as your heart can manage it.


Wow! I idn’t realise how much I miss this. I can’t wait to start running again. Pump up the volume., and rave the metabolism level. Burn, baby, burn.

Another great fact, I am hungry…This early in the morning? That is a great sign.
I’ll enjoy a cold bath, then eat a whole healthy cereal for my first meal of the day.
It’s a beautiful day already.
Happy Birthday, Alero Okoro. Have an energy filled day. Love you.


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Walking is a very simple routine to start with. You walk all the time as you go about your daily living, thus it should come naturally. Just get dressed and go. Walking is easy on the joints, the chances of you getting hurt is very low. Except you are really very heavy, clumsy, not used to doing any activity, or have left off working out for a long time, this routine should be easy to accomplish.

Walking as a routine is not like strolling in the park.
You have to embrace the right attitude for it to make the necessary difference. Be thinking, “I’ m working out”, and be focused. 
It is also not about how fast you walk, or cover the intended distance. Best to start nice and steady, so that you don’t burn out quicker than you want to. Just create a pace then try to go for as long as you can manage. It helps if you can control and maintain your breathing.

It’s easy to walk everyday, if you have the time and opportunity. Otherwise, a 20-30 minuts walk, three times a week is cool. A great advantage of walking is, every part of your body is in motion. Although it may not seem like it at first, but by the third week, your legs, arms, shoulders, hips and even belly will begin to get firm. Once your body gets use to the routine  you will want to increase pace, only because your energy level has increased. Go for it. Stretch the stride a bit further, swing the arms with a bit more effort, sweat more than before.

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