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It’s Easy To Feed Our Emotions

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I have a lot of readers complaining about gaining extra pounds lately, only because  they are troubled and eating more. I can undersrand that. Personal situations affects us in ways that hurt both the mind and body. Sometimes, in seeking for, and working towards the ‘how’ to resolve things food becomes a primary solace. 

My advice is, stick to even smaller portions, because the fact is, it isn’t the body that needs the food. I know there is satisfaction eating what we love, but now more than ever, stick to healthier meals. Take my lunch for instance, I love plantain, but it contains sugar, I can enjoy eating as much of it as I desire because my weight is contained, and, I have cut out sugar from my diet to the barest minimal. I am just saying, be smart, eat wisely, regardless of what you feel. Drink more liquid and eat more fruits at those times when you long for food. Better still, try to keep busy till things improve.

Eating On The Move Really Sucks!

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I am so busy these days I seem to always forget one of my ‘how-to-eat-light rules, I have been eating on my feet  as I move from one to-to to another. The truth is, I tend to feel the need to eat another meal almost immediately, only because I did not sit down at a table, to pay required attention to the meal as I should. 

I guess it’s because my brain does not have the chance to process the fact that eating has occurred,  so it yearns for the activity, thus the craving, which is a sure way to pack on the pounds if I continue to succumb and eat way more light meals than required.

Enough of that. I am dropping everything for this breakfast, and other meals from here on.

Brown Rice Dinner

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Brown rice is one of my go-to for healthy carbs. Since the conscious effort to maintain the goal for healthier choices, I am scraping white rice for now.

Brown rice, although takes longer to cook, contains far less calories. It has more fiber thus will keep me full for far longer. Which is fine by me, because it’s Friday night  and I have so many busy long hours ahead of me, I need strength and fuel as I play hostest to our clients at the bar, even as I enjoy myself. 

Veggie Snack

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A bowl of juicy veggies for snacks, loaded with fibre and vitamins. Because I am consciousely working hard at increasing my water intake to further help my body and skin, I’m going to accompany with a tall glass of water to add up on the number of glasses for the day.

Watch “#” on YouTube

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As I ran this morning, I got thinking, it’s the fourth day of August, a long way from my new year resolutions of 2016 as they should benefit my body. I tried to analyse how far I have come, and recalled the times when I gave in to challenges and moods that swept me off the path to achieving my goals.

Still, I hang in there, as I have to do now. There are 5 months till the end of the year, plenty of time to achieve the ultimate goal, if I just focus harder, plan a lot better, ditch a few more vices, make even fewer bad decisions, and most importantly, do a whole lot more work.

I can do that. As you can. Here we go!!!

A Protein Based Meal For Workout Recovery

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I am going to enjoy every bite of this grilled turkey. I usually would have had it chopped into parts or two halves, but today, I am going to eat up every last bite, because I need to.

That is what an intensive workout does. It makes one hungry. Just as well I was prepared by saving the grilled turkey from last night. Serving with a genetous portion of frseh lush veggies to help me refuel.

Post Workout Recovery

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An energetic session of cumbow workout involves every muscle moving in one accord as the body goes through multiple routines. Those long minutes of non stop energy sapping movements takes it toil. But, Tony always have handy healthy cumbow juice drinks of mix fruits and roots to help our muscles relax and recover faster. 

It’s a long weekend ahead. Don’t let your body get the better of you. Help it along, even if with a huge slice of watermelon fruit.

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