Each Day Has It’s Rhythm

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After a busy weekend, and especially tedious Sunday night, I woke up this morning, with huge bags under my eyes, and only 15 minutes to leave home. 
It’s 5 hours later, and I still feel groggy. It’s like time have stood still. But, only because I didn’t have the chance to work out, or enjoy a mug of beverage, and, largely because I have been mostly stationary in Andie’s office while we wait to head for an exhibition.

I have had cheese balls, and way too many pieces of low salt soda crackers for breakfast, I guess because I am bored, and still have the craving for tea. There is light now, so, I can have some hot sweet tea to finally wake up my senses. I will try not to think of how different my day would have been had I the luxury of my regular morning routine as I wait.
It’s just past noon, I still have time to make the most of this day as soon as my brain ia functional.

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