Malnutrition Facts

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I am posting a few facts about malnutrition and body weight, in answer to one of the questions in my mail box…Kate was wondering, could she, at 400 pounds, suffer from malnutrition?
The answer is yes.
1. You will definitely suffer malnutrition if you are starving to lose weight. You are not eating, so where will the nutrients come from?
2. If you are on a diet, and don’t make provisions to include the right nutrients in your diet plan, you could become malnourished.
3. And, yes, you could weight 400 pounds and still suffer from malnutrition. At 400 pounds you’ ll most likely be eating a lot to meet up your body’s demand for food. If you have no consideration for a balanced diet and your meals lack the required nutrients, you’ll eventually become malnourished. The condition will worsen if you continue to gain weight.

Work out daily, and be smart about making healthy choices. Your best bet is to eat right and healthy. Although you need carbs, ensure that you eat more of protein based meals.


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