Mirror, mirror on the wall!!!

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What do you see, when you stand before the mirror in your birthday suit?

I know what I see in my mine.

I see a lavish spread of fat around my thighs and hips, and the fat rings around my arms that grow wider each day. I also see the bulge that has swallowed up my waistline. It’s so huge it could support a truck. I could suck in air and pretend my stomach is flatter than it really is, but then I only have to eat, or drink something, no matter how little, and the bulge is once again back in my face, bigger and rounder, so that others around me would have to be blind not to see it.

I bet you do that too. But the fact remains that we cannot fool ourselves, especially like right now, when it is just us and the mirror. And, you know, the mirror never lies. If you are honest, you’ll see you exactly as you are.

Because I appear slim, people are usually shocked when I talk about my body fat, but then fat concentration in the body is not always about size, but density. That is how it starts. Unchecked fat would gladly amass then spread through the body till one goes from a size 8 to a size 16.

Go ahead and take stock. How much body fat have you really gained? Don’t speculating. For a successful revamp, you need to be accurate. Step on a scale, use a measuring tape, whatever works for you. When you are done, take one full picture, and several more of your trouble spots. It is often the same old areas, belly, arms, thighs, and butts. Print some of the pictures, and find a good spot to display them. They’ll make a great collection of ‘before’ pictures to compare with as you begin to achieve your goal.

Beginning, that is the hardest part.

The initial thoughts are usually, ‘where do I start from’, and ‘how do I go about it’. I have had a lot of people ask me those important questions as they consider the prospects of revamping their bodies. I always give them the same simple answer, start by eating right. They often don’t want to hear that, but then, food is so very vital. We’ll talk about that in my next post. Look out for the ‘Eat right’ Category.

Enjoy a great day, guys.


I’ll gladly post your ‘now-picture(s)’ if you want me to. Remember, the biggest advantage of this blog is to share experiences.


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