What is a mind without dreams?

Everyone has dreams. Shouldn’t it be so?

I am not a dreamer, but I dream.

My mind is restless, filled, most often, with far too many ideas, so feverish they burn like hot coal. They come with a rush that grips and thrills all at once, so that the topic idea splits into several branches ‘how to achieve’ boxes which might lead to immediate ‘result’ or branch out to ‘challenges’. Challenges come with a how-to-solve branches of whatto do’ and ‘who-to-meet’for useful solutions.

I’ll spare you the full length of a process thought. But by the time the ides has been thought through, I’m ready to give it a shot. I know that the content in each box can be subject to change as required to achieve aims and objectives. Some of these changes can lead to delay or failure, but isn’t that the challenge of life? That when one plan fails, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the initial idea was a bad one, maybe it only requires a new plan. It is not how long it takes to develop a dream, or how much longer to activate. It is where the dream takes one that matters.

What is a mind without hope?

Hope accompanied by a will, one strong enough to match. A mind should be restless, never giving up. It should possess a wild streak, roaming even when slowed. Mine spins so widely, almost erratic, first going one way then another, with a decisive speed, yet missing very little. I appreciates that every single line of thought is important. Even if not useful at the moment, may enable the right decisions be made. The wild spin is so intense sometimes I have to physically stretch to put some distance between my mind and I, for I fear it might pull me deep into a black, unending hole. That one stretch gives me a moment away from my mind so I can take that one breath I had held onto for God knows how long. Truth be told, when an idea takes hold,I don’t want to be away from my mind for that much longer. I love the fact that my mind is all about me, at least till I’m ready to share with another.

That sounds selfish I know, but it can only be that way. I have the best times with my mind, great conversations. This decided the choice to end paid employment and set up ‘Scribbles ‘N’ Images’. Every Concept developed by is an extension of the mind. The activities & results are representations of the mind’s visions. That is the beauty of my business. I love this job.

Words rule!

A1989 graduate of English & Linguistics from the University of Jos. I am a writer, published author and an inspirational blogger.  I am also a co- manager of a Bar & Restaurant, a wife and mother working hard at being a super chic.