Revamping The Body Is Like A Journey

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From my mail box
Funke wants to know…’How long does it take to revamp a body? ‘
Revamping a body is like a journey. You have to start from somewhere. The basic rules are simple,  but it takes dedication, will and hard work.
First, make the decision.
Know your current weight
Know how much pounds you want to loose.
Have a plan. Don’t be in a hurry to loose in one month what you gained in years. Work to loose at least two pounds in a week.
Use notable dates as an opportunity to set achievable goals to inspire you.
Make, and stick to the plans…How to eat right, workout and make necessary lifestyle changes
Be dedicated, no matter how much you don’t want to…no guts no glory.
To ease things off, have an off day, when you eat the things you crave (be smart about this), and, to rest your body.
Finally, stay connected to my blog. Let me inspire you, as I inspire me.
Good luck!

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