The Narrative

The Writer, a narrator

When we write we impose our thoughts on the readers, so, we have to make it worth their while, you know, in terms of the money spent to buy our books and the time to read it. So, first and foremost, what is the quality of the story? And secondly, does it communicate what we want conveyed?

All that is on my mind this morning.

The narrative of a book should be so good that a reader experiences a sense of ‘ah!’, and in so many ways too, because the story should impact, teach, assure and inspire…all the things that happen when readers are able to relate with the theme of the story and the characters? That is what every writer wants, but only achievable if the story is presented in a way that makes it easy to absorb, and I’m not talking about simplified grammar, that would be insulting. I’m talking about telling the story in an order of events that make sense.

For example, it would not make good reading if I wrote that “Seggy killed David, dined on Rice and pork chops, was picked up by him at 7pm, and the waiter dropped his tray on the occupant on the next table.” Those words would have expressed the events that happened, but in such a contest that is so haphazard that although the readers would know the facts, but without the satisfaction of the quality they should derive from a good read.

A good narrative must follow a form of chronological order that shows a sequence of event. As detailed above, Saggy could not have killed David before he picked her up at 7pm. Oh, and there’s more. Most importantly agood narrator would create additional details to the saggy and David saga, doing so with flair and style that provides entertain even as the reader is being informed. And that is only some of the qualities that makes a great book. That is what every writer owes his/her readers.

A great narrative starts with a captivating beginning, the start. I’m checking mine out now as I work on making the most of my first draft.

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