How many drafts makes a book?

As many as sit takes.

A writer wants the best manuscript, so he/she keeps working till they think it’s good enough for the next stage, editing. Then they go through it again. That’s why I’m wondering if I should read through my manuscript one time, you know, ensure I’ve done a good job of it, and most importantly, to ensure my readers get their money’s worth. I think I’ll do just that.

This time, I want to take it nice and slow, no rushing. I want to read only a few chapters at a time so that when I sit down again, my brain is fresh and ready to capture every mistake. I also want to revisit and review those hesitation points, those places within my story where I stopped reading because something just doesn’t feel or read right but continued all the same because I thought, ‘hmm, it’s okay. I’ll want to accommodate that too, to go from ‘okay’ to ‘prefect.’

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