Book cover on my mind

With the manuscript out of my hands, my next focus is the book cover. Ah! Lovely thoughts, the feeling of see-how-far-I-have-come is great. Haven said that, it’s not yet uhuru…that, by the way is the title of the last chapter of my last book, ‘Revamping me.’

So, book cover, very vital to the success of a book. Because propped among hundreds of other books in a store, it takes something special to attract a potential buyer. It has to catch the eye, so that the one seeing it stops, takes a closer look and gets captivated enough to reach out and pick it up. Sometimes that is all it takes to make a sale.

If someone doesn’t pick up a book they wouldn’t turn it, check to see what it is about. Neither would they flip the first page, to check out that first paragraph(s), and hopefully get hooked.

After the bad cover experience with my last book, I’m weary, very careful, that’s why I’ve been bugging my friend, the incredibly artistic and talented @ibifirekiss, he designed my first ever book. Yep, I’m soliciting you, friend. Lol! With my working title, you’re the only way who can work some magic.

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