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Titles should intrigue. It could keep one guessing, ‘Bags’. It could be cheeky, very tongue in cheek, ‘How to kill your husband.’ It could be fun, ‘Run, get a broom, there’s a fly on father’s head’. Some of the best advice suggests to keep it short, ’Storm’, but then there are some great books out there with incredibly long titles. Which is why I’m considering keeping the working title for my upcoming book. It just captures the essence of my story line, and that exactly is the idea, that the reader picks up the book and get an idea of what to expect before digging in. My title reads like it’s almost telling the story, which is okay, for I know that there are so many layers waiting to be uncovered within the pages.

The challenge is how to fit the long title into whatever concept the cover designer comes up with…and it’ll be tricky, it’s all eleven words. Phew!

‘So, do you want to change it? @ibifirekiss has asked. And I have considered that, but nothing I come up feels right, not yet anyway, so till then, it stays. At least until I see how it plays out on the cover.

The Writer’s life, eh?

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