Publishing for me is like those times when I was pregnant and trying to decide which clinic would serve me and my babies best, once because it was my first, oh, the apprehension and anxiety of that period, and the second time because it was a multiple birth.

A writer is anxious about which publisher to approach, knowing they could get short changed if they make the wrong decision. Even that writer who already has books in the market sometimes experience this moments, when they have to zero in on what he/she wants, which is nothing short of the best deal. We’re talking about all the offers a publisher can provide, printing, marketing, publicity, book readings tours, you name it. But at a very affordable cost.

Publishing has come a long way, and I have enough experience now, haven self-published my other books, which wasn’t such a terrible thing, only a tedious experience. I had to take charge, running all over, doing mostly one on one marketing, sales and trying to create the required awareness for my books. This time, I want someone else to take charge as required to sell my books.

So, the search begins. And, of course, I’m starting with my publishing friends. When your lines ring, that would be me. Lol!

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