This is my world, the writer and an avid reader.

Writing and reading takes us to intriguing places where we get to enjoy the thrilling experiences of different ‘worlds’, cultures and traditions, real or made up. We get to encounter diverse characters, regardless whether we love or hate them, we get so wrapped up in their lives and doings that it takes something away from us when the manuscript or book ends. It takes a good writer to write a story that captivating, but the big deal is, what it take to be that kind of writer.

The beauty of writing is, one does not have to be that sort of writer who finds it effortlessly easy to string words together, only because writing, as an art, can be acquired. The biggest most important tip is to keep at it, keep writing, and, acquire useful tips along the way. The second most useful tip, is to read. Read as much as one can so that one can be influenced, inspired by fellow writers.

As a writer I enjoy the pleasure of viewing writing from both the perspective of a writer and an avid reader. I can get lost in the storyline, in the lives of the characters even as I appreciate the context, language and style of a book. But my biggest joy is the ability to create my very own fantasy as my imagination can direct me.

Being a mum of three engaging teenagers, I get to enjoy countless moments, but writing and books have also given me so much pleasure. Even now, after all the ‘worlds’ and characters created and encountered I still anticipate and welcome the thrills, intrigues, suspense, the unfolding of what will be. It does not matter that I know how my manuscript will end, or that I sometimes have a good idea of how a book I am reading will end, it is the journey of the discovery that gives so much pleasure.

That is the world of writing and books as it captivated me since I was 3, learning to deal with the sudden transition to books without pictures to help interpret the story. It was just the words and my mind. It was exciting, even as I grew older, working as a reporting journalist for the experience to become a full time writer. I still feel the excitement now, every day, okay, every other day😂, as I manage my outfit, Scribbles ‘N’ images.

I am a graduate of English/Linguistics, class of 1989, from the University of Jos. I went straight into journalism, first with ‘Prime People Magazine’ then ‘Expressions before heading to ‘Hints’ where I could further improve my short story skills to help me become a better writer. After seven years in the money market, I resigned to do what I love best, writing.